At Tula Executive Search, we identify, place and prepare the best executives and potential board members in the fields of energy, manufacturing, life sciences and fintech. We are able to leverage a powerful partnership with Agilium Worldwide Executive Search Group and Management Psychology Group (MPG) to ensure that we are able to strike a crucial balance between being globally connected and locally focused by engaging partners worldwide to find top talent while ensuring a personal approach to every search.

Agilium Worldwide Executive Search Group is a strategic alliance of 27 members in 29 countries around the globe. Agilium is one of the top 25 global players dedicated to assisting and advising clients to find the right fit at the right time.

A firm of professional licensed psychologists, assist Tula by applying the theory and principles of psychology to the practical world of the workplace. The firm assists companies get the right people into the right jobs and help people reach the goals of their organizations by understanding and developing themselves, their people, and their teams. MPG has extensive experience in assessment for selection and development, coaching, team assessment and development, job analysis and competency modeling, selection and validation, and career development.

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